Biking to Work & School in Los Angeles

Love the idea and want to start your own Bike Train?
  • Check out – the nonprofit that developed LA Bike Trains.
  • Just moved to LA and need help learning to ride a bike here?
  • Wanna learn how to ride a bike as an adult?
  • Tired of sitting in traffic? Wanna learn to bike commute for fun & health?

Bike Trains are an established approach to behavior change in getting more people to bicycle for transportation.

Why aren’t they still happening?

LA Bike Trains and all the other Bike Trains programs that have happened across the planet have all suffered from a lack of financial support needed to do all the things: from the people needed to the insurance. There are many new GIS and map technologies that could potentially scale these programs, but also require ongoing support.

Bike Trains are a great and flexible framework that can also ‘scale down’ for organizations that want to reach some of these goals with a easier/cheaper implementation through…

Alternative ways to run a ‘Bike Trains’ Program:

  • LA Bike Tutor – 1:1 private lessons

  • Ask (email) an Expert

  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Bike Trains program development

  • Free weekly Bike Train for hop-on group lessons

TDM Program Development for Large Organizations

Do you have 100+ employees, a large customer base or student body? Are you dealing with a lack of parking spaces, alternative transportation regulations or taxes? We have a 360’ approach to short, medium and long term ways to get people riding bikes (and walking and taking public transit). You can ‘plug and play’ a Bike Trains program, or we can customize a range of cost effective efforts.

Remember the ORIGINAL L.A. Bike Trains? 

Check out the OG intro video. We’ve specialized a bunch since then, but the core structure and concepts remain 100% as effective for organizing today as they were then.

Need to get to work in LA? Wish your commute was super fun instead of a drag?

We provide a rolling party along curated routes run by Conductors – experienced urban cyclists – to educate new riders, harness the safety of riding in a group and kicking it up a notch by making the ride a fun social experience.  Plus it’s totally free! All you need to do is submit your email, cell phone number and the route that you’re interested in. If you don’t see a route that works for you – suggest one!