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I started a new social project.

L.A. Bike Trains

It’s an experiment on how to bolster the confidence of all cyclists, especially those who are the highly interested in adopting cycling as part of their commute options, and  by harnessing the strong community of urban cyclists that already bike to work.  Safety in numbers.

What started in May 2013 with 5 routes, has now grown to 10 routes, and 13 conductors, all traversing across Los Angeles County.  We’re still aiming for higher ridership, and are looking to increase riders who have thought about cycling to work, are enthusiastic about incorporating cycling into their commuting repertoire, and don’t mind getting a little sweaty.

Plus, it forces you to get to work on time.

Find more information, routes, and timetables at www.labiketrains.com


twitter: @nonavarnado